Colonial Marines Background Information

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Colonial Marines Background Information

Post  Admin on Tue Jul 14, 2009 3:57 pm

The Colonial Marine Corps was created at the same time as the ICC. The intent was that the Colonial Marines funded by a coalition of all the space-going Nations, would be an independent force that would resolve disputes among the Nations and Corporations and keep the peace in the Colonies as well. Each Nation had its own portion of the forces made up of its own citizens but they shared equipment, training and doctrine. The were led by the Colonial marine Corps High Command, which included representatives from the several Nations.

Most of the power belongs to the Corporations, however, and the Nations have little influence among the stars. Their only tool is the Colonial marine Corps and its is dwindling. Every year, the Colonial marines fall a little further behind in technology their weapons are not upgraded, their supplies and other equipment fail to incorporate the latest improvements and their ships are faced with the improved designs available to the Corporations.

The shortage of personnel is also a growing problem for the Colonial Marines. They have not replaced the losses suffered during the wars against the rebel Colonies, and the additional drain imposed by the current turmoil has made the problem even worse. For the Colonial marines, the loss of a single Strike Team can mean that large areas will remain unpatrolled and unmonitored for months or even years.

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