Skills Description

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Skills Description

Post  Admin on Mon Jul 13, 2009 1:24 pm

These are all your General Skills - When selecting a character asks you to pick general skills it means from this list.

Class 1

Gun Combat: Proficiency with firearms and small arms tactics. It determines the Character's overall weapon, tactical and movement ability on the battlefield.

Class 2

Balance: The ability to move on uneven surfaces, to maintain balance in unpredictable situations, and to fall properly. This Skill aids to the character when crossing narrow beams, standing on a moving surface, or moving on a cluttered battlefield, and allows him or her to minimize the damage from falls and the time it takes to cover footing.

Hand-to-Hand Combat: Attack and defense skills with hand-to-hand weapons. If the rating for Hand-to-Hand Combat is higher than that for Gun Combat, the Combat Actions and knockout value should be calculated using this Rating, instead of Gun Combat.

Class 3

Climbing: Free climbing and the use of climbing equipment.

Scouting: Exploring unknown territory. This helps in cutting travel times and reconnoitering enemy positions, as well as spotting traps and other dangers. This skill is essential to troops operating in enemy territory, and is often the mark of a good leader.

Survival: Knowledge of dealing with adverse conditions, from Earthlike wilderness to hostile environments and deep space. Emphasis is on wilderness survival, stalking prey on various worlds, surviving hazardous radiation, and dealing with vacuum. This skill also includes operating and maintaining basic space equipment, like Vacuum Suits, Airlocks and so forth.

Class 4

Espionage: Training in gathering and organizing information by methods ranging from subtle questioning to establishing a network of spies and informants. It includes the skills necessary for long-term undercover operations in hostile areas.

Infiltration: Moving quietly and covertly to penetrate guarded or secured areas. It helps when sneaking up on opponents, picking locks and avoiding traps.

Class 5

Diplomacy: Negotiation and communication proficiency, which helps when bartering, settling arguments, arranging truces, and avoiding fights.

Awareness: Detecting and remembering the details of a situation, and deducing the emotions of others. This talent is useful for determining if a person is uneasy or lying and results in increased awareness of surroundings. it also helps the Character to detect and avoid a verity of traps, ranging from trip wires to tactical maneuvers.

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Colonial Marine Support Skills

Post  Admin on Tue Jul 14, 2009 2:26 am

These skills are the technical skills most commonly used in the field, and fall into two general categories; Operations and Repair and from here on these skills are NOT General Skills.
For all Colonial Marine Support Skills, a Character who has a Rating of Novice or better in an Operations Skill is capable of preparing, maintaining, and operating the equipment in question. For Repair Skills, the Character must be Certified Rating or better to have the normal chances of successful repairs.

Operation Skills
The following skills can be learned by Colonial Marines, and govern the field use of general issue military and civilian equipment. Except where noted, these Skills cover an entire class of equipment, and not any one specific item.

Communications/Computer Operation: This Skill allows the Character to operate and maintain military communications equipment and computers. The use of most sophisticated electrical gear such as Intelligence Units and Orbital Communications equipment is also included in this Skill.

Motion Tracker Operation: Training in the operation of the standard Motion Tracker, and in the interpretation of its data. Detailed rules for this Skill are given later.

Specific Ground Vehicle Drive Operation: This Skill must be learned separately for each type vehicle type; the vehicle types are APC's, Hovercraft, and Ground Exploration Vehicles. It includes actual vehicle driving skills as well as engine service and maintenance knowledge.

Ground Vehicle Life Support Operation: All Colonial Marine Ground Vehicles are equipped for operations in non-terrestrial environments. The systems which allow this, including full pressurization, air filtration, and thermal control, must be specially prepared for use in each environment encountered.

Ground Vehicle Weapon Systems Operation: Includes Missile Launchers, Mortars, Disruptors, and Lase Cannon.

Portable Welder Operation: This device is described later.

Security System Operation: Operation of standard security devices such as remote cameras, metal detectors, and X-ray equipment.

Special Weapons Operation: Including Grenade Launchers, Flame Units, and Remote Sentry Guns.

Surveillance Equipment Operation: Operation of Surveillance equipment like remote cameras, sound amplifiers, and electronic bugging units.

Repair Skills
Whenever equipment is damaged,it must be Repaired before it can be used again. The following Skills are used to Repair most Colonial marines equipment, and require the use of special tools and facilities as discussed later. As with Operation Skills, these cover full classes of equipment except where noted.

Communications/Computer Repair

Specific Ground Vehicle Drive Repair: This Skill must be learned separately for each vehicle type; the types are APC's, Hovercraft, and Ground Exploration Vehicles.

Ground Vehicle Life Support Repair

Ground Vehicle Weapon System Repair

Infantry Weapons Repair: Includes Pulse Rifles, side arms, and similar weapons. This skill does not cover any Special Weapons, or vehicle Weapon systems.

Special Weapons Repair

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Auxilary Support Skills

Post  Admin on Tue Jul 14, 2009 2:39 am

The following Branch Skills cover the equipment routinely used by Auxiliary Characters. For Operations skills, the character must have a rating of novice or better in order to safely operate the equipment in question. For Repair Skills, the character must be certified or better to make any necessary repairs.

Operation Skills
As with Colonial Marine Support Skills, the following Operation skills cover the entire class of equipment, except where noted.

Aircraft Communications/Computer Operation

Specific Aircraft Drive Operation: This Skill applies to one type of Aircraft only, and must be learned separately for each type. Full information on piloting Aircraft is contained later.

Aircraft Drive Operation, Remote: This ability allows a person to maneuver a particular type of vehicle from outside the vehicle using a remote piloting set. To use this skill the person must also be rated Professional or better with the Aircraft's Drive Operation skill.

Aircraft Life Support Operation: Since most aircraft must operate in vacuum as well as in a verity of atmospheres, and must tolerate the stresses of launch and reentry, their Life Support Systems are quite complex and are critical important.

Aircraft Navigation System Operation: Includes Launch, reentry, atmospheric, and combat maneuvers.

Aircraft Power Operation: These Vehicles are powered by fusion generators which obvously require careful maintenance and operation.

Aircraft Weapons Systems Operation: The maintenance, aiming and firing of Aircraft mounted Lase Cannon, Disruptor, Missiles and Chain Guns.

General Equipment Operator: This allows a character to handle normal utility equipment such as forklifts, tractors, cranes, and lifts.

Power Loader Operation: The normal operations of the hydraulically supported, one-person military Power Loader, used for lifting and carrying a verity of crates and equipment weighting up to 2,000 pounds.

Spacecraft Communications/Computer Operation

Spacecraft Drive Operation (pilot): This skill applies to all of the Spacecraft described in this book.

Spacecraft Life Support Operation: Since most Spacecraft constantly operate in vacuum and must handle high-g acceleration and Jump, their Life Support systems are absolutely vital to survival.

Spacecraft Navigation System Operation: For guiding a Spacecraft from planet to planet, from star to star and through combat maneuvers.

Spacecraft power Operation: Spacecraft are powered by Fusion Generators which obvioulsy require careful maintenance and Operation.

Spacecraft Weapon Systems Operation: This skill covers the maintenance, aiming and firing of large Disruptors used on Spacecraft.

Repair Skills
As described under Colonial Marine repair skills.

Aircraft Communications/Computer Repair

Specific Aircraft Drive Repair: This skill applies to one type of Aircraft only, and must be learned separately for each type.

Aircraft Life Support Repair

Aircraft Power Repair

Aircraft Weapon Systems Repair

General Equipment Repair: For Routine repairs and maintenance of utility equipment.

Spacecraft Communications/Computer Repair

Specific Spacecraft Drive Repair

Spacecraft Life Support Repair

Spacecraft Navigation System Repair

Spacecraft Power Repair

Spacecraft Weapon systems Repair

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Officer Support Skills

Post  Admin on Tue Jul 14, 2009 2:30 pm

The follow skills may be learned by all Officers. Most are self-explanatory, and cover basic areas of military discipline, command, and administration.

Communication Skills
Covert Actions
Forward Observer
Guerrilla Warfare
Identification (military)
Military Etiquette
Philosophy/Political Indoctrination
Public Relations

Tactic Command Post: This device is used by officers to monitor the location and status of their Strike Team.

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Specialist Skills

Post  Admin on Tue Jul 14, 2009 2:46 pm

Gun Combat
Colonial Marines with this Specialty are considered the most deadly soldiers in the Corps. They generally have few skills which are not directly related to combat.

Guerrilla Warfare

This Specialty is used in areas where the power of the Colonial Marines is weak, and in situations where long-term conflict with a particular enemy is considered likely. The job of this Specialist is to undermine the opponent subtly, to use sabotage where appropriate and to gather vital information. Guerrilla Warfare Specialists frequently work with Intelligence Specialists. A Pulse Communicator, a Medical Kit, and an Intelligence Unit are issued to an Strike Team which includes one or more Guerrilla Warfare Specialists.

Hazardous Atmosphere and Radiation Detachments (HARD):

The Colonial Marines operate on a great many worlds and under a wide range of environmental conditions, including corrosive atmospheres, high and low gravity, extremes of temperature and pressure, and places where radiation is at dangerous levels. Specialists of this type are used to provide vital information for normal Marines regarding specialized circumstances and/or equipment and are often committed in full Strike Teams for particularly important missions or in dangerous environments. Each HARD Specialist is given a Hard Core Suit, and each Strike Team also has an Intelligence Unit, a Pulse Communicator, and a HARD Shelter.

Heavy Weapons:
These Colonial Marines handle Missile Weapon Systems and Vehicular Weapons. Each Heavy Weapons Specialist is issued a Rocket Launcher with 6 rounds of ammunition and 12 Demolition Charges.

This Specialty takes the soldier far from battlefields normally associated with the Colonial Marines. The espionage conflicts between Corporations and involving the Corps are the first priority for these Specialists, although the equipment available to the intelligence wing of the Colonial marines is not on par with that used by Corporations. These Specialists are equipped with a Pulse Communicator, an intelligence Unit and a Computer Command Center per Strike Team.

Machine Gun
This is a highly mobile and extremely powerful weapon system which is commonly assigned to Colonial Marine Strike Teams. Colonial marines with this Specialty are envied by many other Colonial Marines because of the tremendous firepower under their direct control. The Machine Gun is the only special equipment.


Recon Specialists are often dropped in hostile territory, alone or in small teams and are used for surveillance to coordinate air strikes and to call in fire from space from distant ground units. Each Strike Team with a Recon Specialist is equipped with a Pulse Communicator and Intelligence Unit.

Aircraft Pilot:
These Specialists are drawn from the best members of the Auxiliary Branch. The Reasoning is obvious, it is the pilot who must deliver a Strike Team safely to the field and recover them when the mission is over, and who must make the most of the powerful weaponry aboard Dropships and Gunships. It is common for these Specialists to sub-specialize as either Pilots or Weapons Officers.

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Re: Skills Description

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