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Post  Admin on Sat May 30, 2009 5:48 pm

Fatigues: These include boots, socks, undergarments, gloves, poncho, and so on. These are in a camouflage pattern and contain numerous pockets for storage of incidental gear.

Wt: 4kg
Price: $50

Pack: A pack is capable of carrying up to 30 killograms of equipment. Weight given is empty.

Wt: 2kg
Price: $20

Combat Webbing: This is a load-bearing harness with various pouches, pockets, and attachment points to allow efficient transport of weapons, equipment and supplies. In the U.S. it is also called ALICE gear.

Wt: 2 kg
Price: $10

Shelter Half: A rubberized canvas sheet which can be combined with another to form a two-person tend or used by itself as a one-person tarp. Tend pegs, cord and everything else needed to erect it are included.

Wt: 1kg
Price: $25

Sleeping bag

wt: 4kg

Thermal Fatigues: Includes boots socks, etc.
Wt: 6

Parka: Includes overboots, socks, etc.
Wt: 3kg

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