Vital Information

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Vital Information

Post  Admin on Sat May 30, 2009 3:50 pm

The war has raged for years. The high-tech ammo is almost gone. High-tech equipment is falling, piece by piece, with no spares to fix it. The fronlines are held by a few grim, desperate soldiers. The US 5th Division holds the line in Poland. Now, a Soviet encirclement has cut it off in a province ruled by ambitious warlords, local militias, and bands of marauding deserters. HQ is 200 klicks to the rear and powerless. Your last order sets you free: "Good luck son!, you´re on your own!"

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31st of May, 2013

Post  Admin on Sun May 31, 2009 3:59 am

"We pulled out of Lowicz about three days ago when our recon boys picked up on a Russian motorized rifle devision coming along the highway from Sochaczew. It sounds like elements of the Soviet 25th. We've had no contact from any allied force for days and the thought of engaging Russian APC's and Tanks if we were needlessly defending the highway made our original orders easy to ignore."

"We reached the forest north-west of Lowicz after about twenty km through mostly open terrain. Finding a location to setup camp on a small bluff within the forested hills was a cheerfully simple process - We were soon settled down in a spot we considered ourselves safe enough for now. With a small creek supplying us with fresh water nearby our next problem to deal with was food for our rations were running low, fortunately game in the area was plentiful and we have managed to extend our food supplies, but not indefinitely with fishing and hunting, as well as Sergeant Dyke's foraging skills."

"Over the last two days the only contact we've encountered is Polish peasents armed with single-shot rifles on hunting trips - So far we've avoided making our presence known to them due to not knowing if the nearby devision has moved on or not yet from our area. The Polish peasents are always unpredicable, they may react favorably, or be hostile towards us. Soemtimes they even assist the Russian forces."

"There frequency can't be ignored, as well as coming from perhaps Lowicz and other main towns along the highway there may also be smaller villages and farms nearby within five km's"

"We have enough Diesel to fill the tanks on two of our five ton trucks, however 'Grease' suggests that he can change our tanks to Ethanol, which may mean a solution to our future fuel problems but we would first need to track down a source of new fuel before doing the conversions - and perhaps locate a still to make our own fuel in the future since it will consume much more then normal amounts."

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Report - Continued

Post  Admin on Sun May 31, 2009 4:12 am

Basic inventory of equipment to date - Not including basic load out
Each Private is assumed to have a M16A2 with 3 clips, a Steel Helmet, combat webbing, bayonet, fatigues and backpack (estimated 11 kg of basic weight + 5kg for the rifle and clip = 16 kg each npc can carry 20kg before becoming burdened).
3 AK-74's with 6 30-round (5.45mm B) magazines - Rangers
Rangers are assumed to have Kevlar helmet and body armor and 2 fragmentation grenades as well.

Personal Medical kit x 4 (0.2kg per)
M72 LAW (2kg per)
M60 (Bipod's 10kg - 1 100-round belts per)
2km Hand radios x6 wt:0.5kg
4x Binoculars (4 of at a weight of 0.5kg each)
30 kg MRE
2x AK-47's with 20 30-round (7.62mm B) magazines
10 PM Makarov 9mm M pistols with two magazines each, 8-rounds per.
RPG-7 with 4 rockets.
PK MG with 2 magazines of 50 . - Bipod
AAT-52 Empty

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Partical Roster (NPC)

Post  Admin on Sun May 31, 2009 6:44 am

US Army Rangers
Sergeant Dyke
Private Miller
Private Gallows
(Possessing talents in foraging, heavy weapons, mountaineering, forward observation and others)

5th Infantry
Artillery Corp x1 ("Carter" - Specializing in firing heavy weapons).
Private Pilks (US Army GI)
Private Vance (US Army GI)
Private Timons (US Army GI - M60)

50th Armored
Private Smith (Enlisted Infantry)
Private Evermont (Enlisted Infantry)
Private Galen (Enlisted Infantry)
Sergeant Valance

16 Air Assault Brigade
Corporal Briggin
Private Whitter (RPG-69 ? rounds)
Private Dickens
Private Raker

As a note all NPC's possess the skills of Swimming, wheeled vehicle and Small arms (rifle).

Current Medical Report

Critically wounded:
Private Timons

Moderately wounded:
Captain Gunson

Lightly wounded:
Private Miller
Private Pilks
Private Vance
Private Dickens

Support Corp X1 ("Grease" - Mechanic, specializing in wheeled vehicles).
Armor Corp x1 ("Burns" Tracked Vehicle driver - Also some heavy weapons training).
Enlisted Medic ("Butcher")
Enlisted Force Recon x2 (Marines, 1st Battalion - Trained in stealth, forward ob and detection)
Engineer Branch x1 ("Trips" - Trained in demolitions)
Enlisted GI x10 (5th Division)
2nd Marine
Enlisted Marines x6
Private Peters - US Army Ranger
Enlisted Support x2 (Trained in mechanical operations - Specializing in tracked vehicles).
Enlisted Armor x1 (Tracked vehicle driver/Heavy weapons gunner).
Tank crew x8
10 Paratroopers from 16 Air Assault Brigade

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Re: Vital Information

Post  Admin on Mon Jun 08, 2009 3:45 am

Currently possessed gear weight and description break down - For your reference when working out how much your character can carry. I only display stats currently useful to the group.

PK (Machinegun): The standard Warsaw Pact medium machinegun, the PK MG is usually found mounted on a vehicle. It is equipped with a bipod and can also be fired from a tripod (PLT).

Ammo: 7.62mm L
Wt: 10kg
Magazine: 1.5 kg per 50 rounds.
Bulk: 6

RPK (Automatic Rifle): The older version of the RPK series, this automatic rifle fires the 7.62mm fired by the AKM assault rifle. In addition to the standard magazines fired from the assault rifle, it also has a very long 75-round magazine. This weapon is usually found only in units also using the AKM.

Ammo: 7.62mm S
Wt: 5 kg
Magazine: 2.5 kg per 75-round magazine.
Bulk: 5

M60 (Machinegun): The Standard US general-purpose machinegun, a development of the WWII German MG42. It is equipped with a bipod and can also be fired from a tripod (NLT). It accepts 100-round belts.

Ammo: 7.62mm N
Wt: 10 kg
Magazine: 3 kg per 100-round belt.
Bulk: 6

M16A2 (Assault Rifle): The standard combat rifle of the US and Canadian armies, the M16A2 (commonly called just the "M16") is in widespread use and is a popular and effective weapon.

Ammo: 5.56mm N
Wt: 3.8 kg
Magazine: 0.3 kg per 20-round magazine.
Bulk: 5

RPG-7 (Rocket antitank grenade launcher-7) is the precursor to the RPG-16 and is still found in service in various armies around the world. Cheap and easily manufactured, the RPG series all use fin-stabilized rocket projectiles with HEAT warheads, loaded into the front end of the tubular launcher. The rockets' fins unfold in flight.
Rocket wt: 3kg, 10kg per case or backpack of three.
Launcher wt: 6kg

M72 LAW: The M72 Light antitank weapon (LAW) is a 66mm, disposable antitank rocket launcher. It is the standard light antitank weapon with the United States and many other nations.
Wt: 2 kg.

AK-74 (Assault Rifle): The standard combat rifle of the Eastern Bloc forces.

Ammo: 5.45mm B
Wt: 4kg
Magazine: 0.5 per 30-round magazine.
Bulk: 5

PM Makarov (Semiautomatic): The standard militar sidearm for most Eastern European states, widely used by police and internal security forces.
Ammo: 9mm M
Wt: 0.5kg
Magazine: 0.1 kg per 8-round magazine.

PTRS-41 (Sniper Rifle): A WWII-vintage Soviet antitank rifle, the PTRS-41 was coverted for use as a sniper rifle by the addition of a scope mount.

Ammo: 14.5mm B
Wt: 22 kg
Magazine: 1.25 kg per 5-round magazine.
Bulk: 11

HK-69: The standard infantry lancher of the West German Army, the HK-69 can be attached to the bottom of any assault or battle rifle, or can be used as a separate weapon.

Ammo: 40mm Grenades
Wt: 2 kg
Magazine: HE round 0.3 kg per.
Bulk: -

M21 (Sniper Rifle): The Standard US Army sniper rifle, the M21 is essentially a well-made M14 assault rifle (the US Army's service rifle prior the M16) fitted with a telescopic sight and a bipod.

Ammo: 7.62mm N
Wt: 5.4kg
Magazine: 0.75 per 20-round magazine.
Bulk: 6

AK-47 (Assault Rifle): The original Kalishnikov assault rifle manufactured from shortly after WWII until its replacement by the AKM and AK-74 in the 1970's. Thousands are still found worldwide.

Ammo: 7.62mm S
Wt: 5kg
Magazine: 1kg per 30-round magazine.
Bulk: 5

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Unit Roster

Post  Wiedermann on Sun Jun 14, 2009 8:32 am

Unit shall be known as 5/50/2nd RCT (Regiment combat team.)
HQ MAJ Weidermann + 1 GI Sig. Shrek being used as HQ vehicle

Infantry platoon (Fox Hound)
Pl Cmdr Capt Gunson call sign Fox Hound + 1 Para Sig/ Batman
1 Sect Cpl Rochester + 7 Paras Call sign Bulldog
Weapons 7 L85's '3 mags each'
3 Grenades for the section
1xPK Mg 2x50 rd mags (Gunner to carry 1 makarov + 2 mags)

2 Sect Sgt Sanchez + 6 marines (2 Div Marines) Call sign Scope
Weapons 5x M16's '3 mags each'
3 Grenades for the section
1x M60 Mg 3x 100 round belts (Gunner to carry 1 makarov +2 mags)

3 Sect Sgt Jones + 8 GI's (5 Div GI"S) Call sign Hammer
Weapons 7 x M16's '3 mags each'
3 Grenades for the section
1x M60 Mg 3 x 100 round belts (Gunner to carry 1 makarov + 2 mags)
1x RPG-7

Recon Platoon (Fox)
Platoon Comander M.Sgt Atkins
A Troop "kodiac" Sgt Dyke + 3 Rangers
Weapons 1x LAWS
1x RPK 4 x 75 round mags
3 x AK 74's 4 x 30 round mags each
8 Grenades for the section + 4 Concussion grenades

B Troop Sgt Wade + 2x Marine Force recon 1 x Engineer (Tripps)
Weapons 3 x Ak 74's 4 x 30 round mags each
8 Grenades for the section + 4 Concussion grenades
1 x demolition kit + 3 extra grenades for engineer
6 x M16 mines
C Troop Para Cpl + 4 para's
1 x 2.5 ton truck (Blitzen) + 10 jerry cans and fuel attached to recon platoon
1x 3/4 ton truck. ( Rudolph)

Amoured Platoon
Plt Cmdr Sgt Valance Call sign Iron Side
Tank 1 "Alamo"
Tank 2 "Shrek" damaged
2x M1A1 + 6 crew
2 x armoured corp soldiers
1 x artillery corp soldiers ( 1 x RPG 7 + 4 rounds)
10 x jerry cans fuel per tank

Aid Post
Sgt Sp. Kawalski + 1 medic Butcher call sign Rubber Fox
1x 5 ton truck "samaritan" ( mobile aid post)
4 jerry cans fuel
150 kgs MRE's

Transport Platoon
3 x support corp
3 Gi's 50 DIV
2 x 5 ton trucks
Truck 1 "donkey" Carries supplies and fuel for amour
Truck 2 "Dakota" Carries infantry + ammo

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Re: Vital Information

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