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The European Line Empty The European Line

Post  Admin on Thu Jul 18, 2013 1:08 am

Players will begin in this area, I generally find it the best for players to fight in due to the familiarity with world war I and II. The good news with 2013 is that more technology survived the attack, especially computers. In this area Russia was the bad guy. with an overpowering force it took Germany early in a few months until their command ordered a full withdraw to join their remaining strength with that of Allied command, Poland fell soon after as with many small countries. Eventually the Allied forces fought back and had many successes pushing Russian troops back towards their own country or so they thought, rather than expend their men on the war they used them to bring Allied command into a trap and then just simply fired nuclear missiles at all of their larger forces. In a month Allied command was destroyed and on the full retreat, Russian forces initiated The Purge and sought after all remaining Officers bitterly executing them wherever they could find them.

This is all of course, simplified and brought short, I will be adding alot more text onto this forum, however your unit begins on the mass withdraw of the European Line near Italy with very important orders to the war effort.

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