A sorta quiz be honest, for character creation

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A sorta quiz be honest, for character creation

Post  Admin on Sat Jun 06, 2009 3:55 pm

A quick quiz if your interested in playing this campaign as yourself.

Be honest.

Choose two of these stats that best describes what your physically better at then the rest.
(Remember, strength and constitution can only be selected if you "work out" somewhat please use the below listed information as a guide).


Level 3: This is above average but not extraordinary.
A Strength and Constitution of 3 show some athletic aptitude, probably belonging to somebody who works out regularly and vigorously, or a natural athlete who has not taken time to develop his talent. Characters with a Dexterity of 3 are graceful individuals. Intelligence 3 indicates a bright person who can easily learn new skills, if he has the temperament to do so. With a Perception of 3, the character has good senses and intuition, and is not easily fooled or confused. A character with a Willpower of 3 is rarely convinced or bullied under normal circumstances.

Do you have any of this as a quality or affliction?

Smoking for example, or drinking addiction. Good hearing, sight ot taste. Stuff like that. Nightmares.. Anything about yourself to help define a character. Also a small list of things you would consider useful skills for example I could say I've fired a rifle somewhat, used a computer somewhat ect.

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