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Post  Admin on Wed Jul 17, 2013 4:04 am

The odd and disorienting feeling of Jump Travel is something you never get used too, be it your first or a hundred jump later. Its something that almost yanks you from your feet and then before you have a chance to fall over, its all back to normal again.

Spend long enough up here in the vast emptiness of space and eventually the thick hardened walls of ships hull becomes your home, its constant humming sounds not unlike a heart-beat of a great beast and its artificial lights better and more comforting then the rays of sunlight from any planet no matter how many suns it has. For some it was an escape from a otherwise horrible life, for others it was a punishment no matter the reason each person found their way onboard and now make up the crew of this great mechanical beast, controlling each part of it from engineering to the bridge.

Every day is an adventure with endless possibilities and each person can safely say they are free and own their futures.

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