Player Gear List (Standard)

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Player Gear List (Standard) Empty Player Gear List (Standard)

Post  Admin on Sat Aug 08, 2009 3:23 pm

This gear list does NOT include basic load. Players can feel free to select the Kevlar armored/helmet instead of steel if their nationality isn't USA.

Players should keep in mind a "Primary" Weapon to be using when they leave the vehicle, please make a note of what this weapon is when role-playing. It takes time and is very difficult to change to the other weapons carried on the person. I'd love to see only one rifle or rifle-sized weapon being carried at a time.

They are all considered to also have the following in addition to whatever I add to your character sheets:

Personal medical kit (One use - Medical skill 4)
Flashlight (6 hours of battery life remaining)
6 xFragmentation Grenades
2 xSmoke Grenades
1x (4x Binoculars)
2km Hand Radio

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