Act 1 - Another Glorious Day in the Corps! (Mission Statement)

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Act 1 - Another Glorious Day in the Corps! (Mission Statement) Empty Act 1 - Another Glorious Day in the Corps! (Mission Statement)

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For U.S. Colonial Marine Strike Team V3-106-1C2

Mission Summary: Reconnaissance
Site Involved: Orbital Service Base, "Hades"
System/Planet, Borodino Sector between Acheron and Aerodyne

Mission Definition:
One week ago a Strike Team was dispatched to check out the situation on an Orbital Service Base being used as a refueling and repair site for traveling space ships crossing from Borodino Sector to main space. The base has a population close to five hundred personnel of skilled workers and labors as well as families stores and law enforcement. All files regarding the Mission have been classified by High Command and have been placed off-limits to the rest of the Colonial Marine Corps. The Corporation involved has refused to supply the Corps with information regarding the original mission.
Best evidence available indicates that this Strike Team was sent to the station to assist the workers and families aboard at the request of the Weyland-Yutani Corporation, and that Corporate personnel had contributed in some way to the stations distress. All other recent information regarding status and history of the station has been suppressed by Weyland-Yutani.
Contact was lost with the Strike Team shortly after boarding the station and now your Strike Team has been allocated to inspect it. Upon arrival your Strike Team is to sort out any hostilities within the Space Station and restore communication with Hades and discover what has happened to the initial Strike Team and if possible lend support to them or recover any Colonial Marine equipment left behind. Priorities are as follows:

Discover what happened to the Strike Team
Determine condition of the station
Take steps to reduce threat to Colonial Marine Corps and protect the station and people aboard

Suggest extreme caution. In addition to the presence of whatever disrupted the station it is assumed that Weyland-Yutani military forces are present. It is likely that they will be hostile to your Mission, although it is imperative that your Strike Team not initiate hostilities with Corporate forces. In addition, it is possible that other Corporations will be investigating the station and it is even possible that there is a dangerous xenomorph present.
Good Luck.

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